Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Off page optimization that delivers quick results in search engine

Here are some of the offpage optimization techniques that i had followed and seen great results in all the search engines

1. Submit articles answering to problems faced by your product and service end users.

The best article site as far as i know is Enzine.com

2.Video syndications to popular video site :

a. Metacafe: It will ask for authors approvals(gets 2nd to 3rd spot in search engines)
b. YouTube: Our favorite(Guarantee result)
c. Yahoo videos: will get SEPR either 1st page or second one
d. Myspace videos: Another Google powered network(you will get video listed in 1st page of SERP)

3.Demoz listing:(Demoz will list your website either its very popular website, or it is following the latest web2.0 features and having a decent page rank say 4)

4.Local search engine listing: Submit links to various local search engines like if your targeting china with your product or service than you can never ignore Baidu.com, china's number one search engine

5.Social Book marking with Facebook, twitter, Digg, Google Bookmark, Yahoo bookmark,Reditt, stumbleupon.com and many more

6.Google base : Submit your product and service information to google base manking your product and service search easier

7.Rss feed and syndication to top Rss feed website

Follow the above steps in off-page optimization and see results yourself

Results Guaranteed!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to create a successful adgroup in google adword?

The following are the steps that i had followed and seen lead generated via Google adwords:
Note: [It takes 7-10 days depending upon the keywords you are bidding for the keywords to start gaining position in Google adwords]
: [The keywords will cost you more if you are targeting globally than if your are targeting a particular country, state or geographical location]
: [Broad keywords will generate more impressions as compare to phrase or exact one]
: [The leads coming from phrase or exact keywords holds more chance of becoming a prospect and than conversions]

1. Clearly understand your product and services that you are going to promote via Google adwords.

2.If you are promoting product or service and directing traffic from the sponsored ad to the the website try to use more of Exact keywords, than broad phrase keywords than go for broad one.(If you follow the above thump rule the chances of getting you keywords into low quality score will be low.)

3.If you have made ladling pages to promote product or service and say you have made ladling page for each particular product or service that you offer, you need to pick very specific keywords that are closely related to the content of the landing page.Here what you can do is pick the keywords from the content itself, try to search keywords in close relation to that to avoid low quality scores.

4. If you have made a umbrella site as you are promoting specific product or service targeting very specific audience than again go for more of Exact keywords, than phrase one than go for broad one.

5.The more specific the keywords you choose(taking about exact keywords phrase) lower will be the impressions but the better will be CTR TO impressions ratio.

6.As per Google any ad group that is doing great should maintain a CTR of 1%, better
CTR means high on quality score lesser will be the cost of the keywords.

7.Always come up with three to four types of ad versions in every ad group as this will help you understand which ad versions brings maximum customs which are not and where is the mismatch.

8.Always follow the bidding policy :

100% for Exact keywords.

75% of the amount of Exact keywords for phrase keywords.

25% of the amount of Exact keywords for broad keywords.

9.A regular monitoring as usual.