Sunday, August 24, 2014

Create webpages for every sales professional of your organization

Your sales force is the most vital element of your revenue generation process. Evolution of marketing from push marketing strategy where traditional marketing practices use to exist is now moving towards pull marketing strategy, with a click of button a customer can reach your Sales representative of your organization. 

Sales professional of this era are called Digital Sellers. Use of digital technologies can make business discussions more engaging & shorten sales closure cycle.

For a big Corp /midsize organization/ Startup it is becoming highly essential to create webpage for each & every seller of your organization

Create a url following the url structure: www.cc.com/xx/en/seller/name.html
cc= name of organization ie hp/ dell/ Microsoft
xx= Country if Austraila “au”, if India “in” etc
name= put seller name in the url 

Some of the advantages of having this:

  1. A seller will be able to start an open ended discussion with potential customers as customers will be clearly aware about the seller background
  2. Top of the mind recall will be very strong if sellers will have his/her website
  3. Customers will know who to reach when they are facing business problems every time it comes
  4. Seller webpage will have all the solutions/ services offered by the organization
  5. Webpage will be connecting organization to customers via sales force
  6. A testimonial of a happy customer will add five stars to gain next potential customers business deal decision faster
  7. A smart seller will use it as a hidden jewel to be always on with customers 365*24*7

Integrating Digital Seller to web engagement tools & Social Media

1.    Must have on your seller site 


a) Seller page should have  a Image on the top with his/her info and small description          

b) Solutions offered from the organization ( Solution1 it should have Title, Image, small description about solution and call to action & similarly for others) 

c) Special offers will make engagement on page even better with competitive pricing

d) Customer testimonials will help gain the trust

e) Contact info module with social media integration to sales force any time

2. Contact info module should be properly aligned 

a)    A clear picture with his/her designation
b)    Digital tools like vsee/ tokbox/ google messenger services to start live chat on page. Tokbox is a free tool that can be used to chat start live chat with customer present onpage.( http://www.slideshare.net/muzzamilamir/tok-box-feature-ppt-2)
c)    Keep a small email form to track customer visit info
d)    Skype integration with webpages allows you to directly chat/ video call/ share files/ group chat with customers directly from your WebPages. It’s a smart way of doing video calls with adding of skype button on the seller website
e)    Seller reach number 
f)     Integration of Social links allows customers to get connected to seller on social media & start conversation. LinkedIn & Twitter are tow social media tools where every seller mush have profile created. LinkedIn premium is also useful for seller who wants to reach inbox of C-suite audience  quickly

3. How to promote Sellers pages  

1. Using email Signature
A smart seller with promote his/her pages by embedding a link of the webpage on the signature of all the communication mails that is going form hi/her mailing solution. Refer my webage and link next to it below 
Best Regards
Muzzamil Khwaja
9742341464 ,
My webpage: http://www.sunny- analyticsworld.com/                                                                                                                                                               
2.    LinkedIn Strategy
a. Create a small tweet on your linked in profile, add your customers / add or join relevant groups and tweet you content

b. Measure its reach with a tool which comes inbuilt in your LinkedIn account

c. Keep your LinkedIn account up-to-date & try to get client testimonials

3.    Twitter Strategy
a)    Become followers of all your customers/ potential customers

b)    Try to find out what they are tweeting

c)    Keep replying them with answers using @tag to individuals #tag group

d)    Keep tweeting offers on a regular basis

e)    Tag all your url’s with bitly (https://bitly.com/), that will shorten your long url and you can track clicks happening on each twitter tweet’s you are doing

f)     Keep tweeting testimonials, casestudies, client success stories url on your twitter account