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Campaign Manager or Digital Marketing Manager Roles & Responsibilities: IT company

A campaign manager is a part of marketing team that consist of product managers, offering managers, events managers, digital strategist, content managers and  web specialists.

The core job of a campaign manager is to work with the product marketing managers to run various digital marketing campaigns and launches where it requires to create assets like forms, landing pages, blogs, videos, white papers, assessment tools, demo etc to support product/ services promotion and do demand generation.

After creating and identifying the assets the campaign manager looks into the segment to which the product/ services needs to be positioned.

Campaign manager then analyses the segment on the basis of behavior, interest and purchase done by the c suite audience then consists of CEO, CIO, CTO, CISO, CFO, CHRO etc.

According to the segment the campaign manager creates a program folder that includes campaign code, offer code and asset code to be tagged under the campaign by working together with the automation specialist so that all the tactics under the campaign like Paid/ events/ email marketing/ seminar/ webinar/ organic search gets tagged via a form.

After running the campaign campaign manager relooks into the leads that has come from the campaign and create a nurture stream for the leads that are tagged as non MQL (Marketing qualified lead) or cold lead in the automation tool. 

For the non MQL( Marketing qualified lead) normally needs to go through the nurture stream which consist of Learn> educate>try>buy> advocate for them to become MQL ( Marketing qualified lead). For example leads coming google adwords normally needs to through nurture stream

The leads that come as MQL for the campaigns are passed to sales team to evaluate and take it further for example leads coming events/ webinars etc comes under MQL (Marketing qualified lead) if they have attended the events/webinars.

Let's discuss the role with an example:

Lets assume that we are IT organization and we provide global technology services like Virtual desktop services:

In a typical IT organization we always have a target and here we assume again that lets have a target of 800k $ @ minimum deal value should be 50k $, which means that we need to acquire 16 new customers.

To achieve the target we build the landing page which will be promoted on various online channels:

Content syndication

Google adwords

Email marketing

LinkedIN ad's

Once you promote your assets on the channels you will see following metrics:   Impressions/ Clicks/ Cost per click/ cost per millions/ conversions/ cost per lead/ Bounce rate etc for each of the channel mentioned above

Any marketing automation platform like (Marketo, Hubspot, salesforce, unica etc) captures all the above metrics with ease remember to follow the automation platform tagging guide lines which normally is like  www.xxxx/ servies/vds?cm=contenttype&cm=contentchannel&cm=contentcategory 


By doing this you will able to easily create campaign dashboard performance metrics and can easily understand the campaign performance as well its ROI (Return on Investment)



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  5. In short, the campaign manager or digital marketing director of an IT company plays a crucial role in planning, executing and analyzing digital marketing campaigns to drive demand generation and overall success of the company.

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