Friday, July 30, 2010

Its Important to know where your online most loyal visitor are coming from, hence you can plan your marketing campaign

"Its Important to know where your online most loyal visitor are coming from, hence you can plan your marketing campaign effectively"

For My Blog its Bangalore, Followed By Chennai and so on.

How it helps online marketing Efforts

We need to keep a track on this traffic so when we plan our online campaign we are well aware of the fact as to which geography region we need to target with our Google adwords, yahoo SEM and others paid search campaign options where on the various search engines we will be running the sponsored links .

How it helps offline marketing Efforts

Since You Know now where your most loyal customers lives, so you can plan on your offline marketing efforts like participating on various events related to your Business unit and hence can generate genuine  leads from them. 

Even now you know what online campaign had done well for you , so you can design to offline brochure , Bulletin Board, standby , Back drop and other marketing collaterals accordingly 

Dont Forget to do a good Email Blast to your Current as well as new customers with EDM'S.

 Post those EDM'S to your website and align a registration form to it and track its conversions

" Its Highly Recommended to Update your website with contents and latest offers as it comes"

For your Website it is really important to know what was the most popular content or the offers that delivered the best result for your Business, hence tagged your most important pages especially campaign pages to Google analytics , omniture, web trends or any other web analytics tool and watch its performance till the time your are running that offers.

Here is what i see in my Blog, the Most popular content..........

What i see here is the Home page is getting the maximum traffic followed by , page that contains the contents how to create a successful google ad words campaign and so on

This will help analyst to understand, what needs to be changed on page to your Business site.

"Online marketing is Forever"