Friday, February 7, 2014


1. Content syndication on the sites where C-suite audience comes on a frequently basis. Sites like Money Control, 9.9

The kind of traffic that land on above sites are mature and intellect and hence for a technology driven company it is highly recommended that you should put content on these sites including various assets like client success stories, case studies, whitepapers and other marketing collateral's that will help online visitors to pick you as their first choice while going for technology purchase.

 a. The beauty of using these sites for content syndication is that these sites tracks back all the assets that are getting downloaded and will share the same with your organization after the campaign time period is over.

 b. Chances of getting a lead seems to be very strong

 c. A strong trust can be created on the mind of the visitors as the audience is mature

 2. Designing a good landing page with pre-planned marketing channels

 a. Work on a proper landing page : keywords on the url, keyword on the tiltle, 5-7% keywords density on the page content(inverted pyramid style), white papers, client testimonial, demo or video about the offer, meta tagging and don't forget to answer on the body content of the campaign page "why choose your company"

 b. Devise the owned marketing channels including: putting it on the homepage banner of your top page, cross merchandising on the inner pages and high traffic pages

c. Devise external marketing channels (SEM) like good adwords, yahoo for small business, microsoftadcenter, banner ad’s (etbanner, bsbanner, komlibanner, linkedintextlink, ebaybanners, ciolbanner, admagnetbanner, msnbanner, cxotoday, toibanner and others), start face book, twitter and linkedin campaigns related to the offer on your business social media accounts and create new accounts dedicated to these campaigns

 d. Plan your SEO as well if the campaign stands for long run fastest way's off page optimization are You tube, metacafe and other social sites maintaining accounts related to the offer or brand and uploading the offer videos as it comes, putting content related to offer on slideshare, twitting content and url on face book and twitter on a regular basis as search engines loves twitter and also creation of Infograpics, citations and participation on Q&;A sites like yahoo answers are others fast means of getting organic traffic back to your campaign page

 e. Use vanity url like www.sunny.com/marketingautomation/in and redirect it to the main offer page

 3. Total Marketing Automation Synchronization

a. As the technology advances tradition marketing practices use more and more technology to see high on ROI and one such way is Total marketing automation.

b. There are marketing automation tool like UNICA Total Marketing Solution that can automate your lead flow cycle and also help manage campaign that tells how much revenue got generated by doing a particular campaign from the various routes to market that you will be using, performance of what worked for your business and what haven’t can be tracked

 c. Using tools like Unica you can track you customers journey from First step StartLearnCompareClose to the end

 d. The Above cycle help know the interest of the customer on the purchase cycle

e. The beauty of such tools is you can send EDM’S with offers and assets aligning various tactic codes like IN90779901W, IN90779902W, IN90779903W so with the EDM blast from the tool to the Data base of the customers that you think fits the offer( Existing/ New which you can buys from agency like Dun and Bradstreet ). The use of the tactic code at various stages will help you filter the lead from the prospect for example first edm balst from tool will have IN90779901W as tactic code cycle StarLearnCompareClose), once you had done that and you will know  how many are interested  and than you will do the second round of EDM blast will have tactic code on the asset : IN90779902W and cycle (LearnCompareClose) to those who inquired with subject of the edm updated , the third round of EDM blast will have code on the asset : IN90779903W and cycle (CompareClose) again narrowing down the prospect and the final round of EDM blast will have tactic on the asset : IN90779904W and (Close). You finally get filter leads that needs to be given to your sales team for follow up asap.

 f. You can pull the data from the tool anytime my just putting the tactic code and compare it performance as it acts like a funnel

 g. Such tool help tag all your lead capture happening from the edm/ web page

h. You can also evaluate which campaigns had worked well from you and which haven’t if you are sending traffic to web pages by embedding a JavaScript with organic tactic code and also tagging the url IWM forms with suggested measure recommended from the tool( ask tool consultant).

i. Organizations can run various campaigns on face book, LinkedIn and others. 
  With unica now  we can track exactly which campaigned have worked for you 

 How the unica script works?

js.type = "text/javascript"; js.src = "//www.ibm.com/software/info/js/tactic.js"; document.getElementsByTagName("Head")[0].appendChild(js); var tacticJS = "103HA05W
The above script contains a Organic Tactic code that tracks organic leads(103HA05W )and tagging code(

js.type = "text/javascript"; js.src = "//www.ibm.com/software/info/js/tactic.js"; document.getElementsByTagName("Head")[0].appendChild(js))
that integrates your campaign/s url/s with the unica tool( Ask unica consultants how this is done).Once inplace on the page you can track Individual campiagn performance 

NOTE: Need to tag all the Campaigns url's as per unica guidelines properly for this feature to work