Sunday, July 28, 2013

SEO & PPC Step By Step

 SEO & PPC Step By Step
1. Onpage SEO
 Doing Gold keywords research related to company/client product or sevices to identify search volume locally as well as globally. Tools used for keywords include Google keyword search tool, Google trends, bing keyword search tool and others 

Suggesting high volume exact, phrase and broad keywords gold keywords where search volume is high to create web page content

Keeping Gold keywords present on the page url, page title, repeating the Gold keywords on the page content at the start of the content, to   the middle and finally at the end thereby maintaining a keyword density of 7-9% onpage, Clearly telling the search engine crawlers to index the webpage on Gold keywords

Designing website wireframes using MS Visio and MS PowerPoint to tell what part of the content will go where with clear on page navigation

Get the page created via collaborating with web production team giving them instruction to follow and get the web page up and running on the live  server

Keeping basis SEO up-to-date( < Meta Title, Meta Content, Meta Keywords, alt tagging image with keywords, H1, H2, H3 .. Tags, anchor texting 2 to 4 imp keywords on the content body >)

Creating a light HTML webpage with no use of flash content keeping less page loading time

Integrate social media feeds coming from the dedicated social media accounts like twitter, facebook and linkedin onpage with the help of web production team 

Creating infographics with the help of web production team which are highly search engine loved pages.

Properly aligning the lead capture forms and Contact us numbers so that keep the track of the leads flow

Use of Google web master tool to check the page performance, crawler indexing, removing broken links and fixing others onpage issues

2. Offpage SEO

Article submission on E-zine

Try to get the top url listed on DMOZ Directory

Searching for Top 10 Forum, directories("related categories), related blogs , social bookmarking (digg, technorati,stumbleon, My space etc)and syndicating the url without spamming the search engine helps in getting quality inbound links

Maintaining a dedicated microblogging accounts on Twitter, facebook and Linkedin thereby buding a community of followers, following , friends and connections to use   social channels to drive traffic to pages at the same time also keep up with the online reputation management

Content syndication of slide share for presentations and maintaining a dedicated YouTube, metacafe, dailymotion channel for posting video

Participation on Q&A sites and Citations

Local search engine listing by submitting links to various local search engines like if your targeting china with your product or service than you can never ignore Baidu.com, china's number one search engine

Submitting your product and service information to Google base making your product and service search easier

 rss feed and syndication to top rss feed websites
3. PPC campaigns management
  Google adwords
Get your Budget aligned with the target to acheive( ROI= Returns/ Total Investment)

It takes an hour to a day time depending upon the keywords you are bidding for the keywords to start generating impressions in Google adwords

The keywords will cost you more if you are targeting globally than if your are targeting a particular country, state or geographical location

Clearly understand your product and services that you are going to promote via Google adwords

Keywords to be set on ad groups should be closely related to product and services. Identify set of Gold keywords to bid on adword tool clearly

Create proper ad's that will be displaced with clear title, description and call to action

Set the geography were you want your ad's to be flashed. Keep the maximum click that can happen on day (say 50$ at the max)

Monitor the keyword cost, watch the impressions generated to clicks  happening to check CTR that should always be > 1% that highlighted right taget audiance  is clicking on the ad's flased

Maintain a good adscore if done will help us keep the cost of keywords low. Bid price= adscore*price of the keywords. Google tracks relevancy of the keywords through CTR and gives high adscore to your keyword where historical clicks are high 

Always follow the bidding policy to 100% for exact keywords, 75% of the amount of exact keywords for phrase keywords, 25% of the amount of Exact keywords for broad keywords

 Broad keywords will generate more impressions as compare to phrase or exact one

Leads coming from phrase or exact keywords holds more chance of becoming a prospect and than  broad keywords

 You can also use the options Google powered network in Google adwords to reach further to your quest of leads

Banner AD'S
 Buying a space on the C-suite targeted sites CISO, CIO, New York times, Forbes and etc and putting a Banner, Popup and Flash ad to redirect quality traffic to pages

Content Syndication
Putting whitepapers, analyst report and datasheet on the sites like New York times, Moneycontrol and others there by tracking the assets downloaded. Charging the customer on the basis of sharing information $50-100/ new customer download informatio

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Swot Analysis of all FMCG Companies in India

SWOT Analysis for henkel India

Strong R& D Presence in more than 125 countries
. Henkel is the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments.
henkel India strong in washing segment, Pril Liquid strengthens its position in the market, gains 82% market share
Not well diversified product portfolio (Not present in every segment, for example the company is mostly operating in the Hair Colors, washing, cosmetics & adhesives market.)
Not present where market potential is high like hair shampoo
. weak advertising



can come with product like hair shampoo, hair oil , hairy dye where still the market potential is high
Can come up with products like chick whose market penetration is almost very high both in urban as well a rural areas.
Can loose market share to rivals like godrej ,if distribution channel function well
 . Need to come out with more umbrella brands in each segment else can be subjected to hostile takeover by both local or mnc’s player operating within the market
SWOT Analysis for cavinkare India
Ability to understand local market
Strong distribution network 1300 Stockists well organized.
Strong in shampoo segment.
Strong product portfolio with Brands like chick, nyle which are best sellers in southern India.
Ability to cater unpenetrated rural market where again chick brand is the leader.
Strong R&D
Strong marketing team.
Not having world wide operations.
Not having strong products in the to hair colors segment.
Not having strong products in the hair oil segment.
Can to go for more vertical mergers so as to tap more market mostly in the northern zone where the reach is still weak.
can go for more more acquisition so as to increase their reach both in local and global market
More and more FMCG companies are coming to India, so company might loose share within their strong shampoo segment.
Shampoo market is getting saturated so need to find other segments where opportunity is high like hair color, hair dye etc.
SWOT Analysis for Hindustan unilever limited(HUL
Strong and well differtiated brands.
Brand portfolio includes both global Unilever brands and local brands of specific relevance to India.
Consumer understanding and systems for building consumer insight.
Distribution structure with wide reach, high quality coverage and ability to leverage scale.
Access to Unilever global technology
Increased consumer spends on education consumer durable, entertainment, travel etc resulting in lower share of wallet for FMCG.
Limited success in changing eating habits of people.
Complex supply chain configuration.
Price positioning in some categories allows for low price competition(lux, pears)
Market and brand growth through increased penetration especially in rural areas.
Brand growth through increased consumption depth and frequency of usage across all categories.
Upgrading consumers through innovation to new levels of quality and performance.
Growing consumption in Out of Home categories.
Low priced competition now present.
Grey imports.
Spurious/counterfeit products in rural areas and small towns.
Changes in fiscal benefits Unfavourable raw material prices in oilsetc.
SWOT Analysis of L'Oreal India
Largest seller of haircare and beauty products in the world.
Company has advantage of economies of scale in packaging and advertising.
Net profit has doubled every 5 years during the last decade.

Decentralized organizational structure that can make control difficult.
Distribution channel still in the nascent stage in India.
Concentrate along with hair-styling and color, skincare,& cosmetics in other segments like hair shampoo, hair oil which holds the fastest growing field in india
L'Oreal's products are luxuries that could be hurt by an economic downturn.
a potential for monopoly that restricts it from entering into large mergers
SWOT Analysis of P& G India
Large market
Established brand with loyal consumers products like Gillette
Expansion investment is low compared to new-market entry
India provides strong development ground for innovative products
Considerable amount of time and effort to move into new segments
Expanding in India only does not provide a compelling case for a “global” brand
Can go for more mergers and acquisition within the country so as to increase its product portfolio market share which is still low in India
Competition from both local and global players which includes HUL,calvinkare, marico,dabur.
SWOT Analysis of Dabur India
Differentiated products Strong herbal and natural profile.
More than 100 years of experience in Ayurveda.
Wide distribution network.
Covering 1.5 million retail outlets.
High penetration in urban and rural areas.
Strong brands in diverse categories of health and personal care
Sticking to only Ayurvedic technology.
No much upgrading in the product portfolio form last 5 years
Potential for expansion in the smaller town is still available.
Need to be become global player and explore more geographical region is still there.
Competitive environment with diverse players.
SWOT Analysis of Marico India
Understanding of Indian consumer behavior in the hair oil segment.
Large distribution network all over India.
Rural market reach
Not strong within the shampoo segment, having hardly any share.
Not having any antidandruff hair oil whose market potential is worth 25% of the total oil market in India.
Need to concentrate within the various others market potential zones like hair shampoo, hair colorants etc.
Competition from the diverse players present in the market can cause loss of market share.
SWOT Analysis of Revlon India
World wide operations operations are based in 16 countries products are sold in over 100 countries across six continents.
L’Oreal operates 12 R&D centers worldwide including India.
Strong local tie up with modi group, getting advantage of the various distribution channel of the local company.
Extensive R&D
Product line suits only urban market.
Highly priced
Low market share in other segments like hair shampoo, where there is high market in India
Can introduce low price like that of lakme which will suit to all customers in India.
Loss of market shares due to others players coming market.
SWOT Analysis of Godrej India
Established brand name.
Diversified business model
Ability to find out new business opportunity.
Widespread selling and distribution network.
Experienced management team
Use of various business model like EVA (economic valve added which is a financial tool) serves as a one point indicator for business performance.
Leader in hair dye market
Not having strong market within the hair oil market,
Not having strong market within the shampoo.
Rural penetration of it consumer product is still low.
Can bring out products within the hair oil segment as well as hair shampoo.
EVA tool creates an opportunity for each individual and each function to analyse how each process can be made EVA friendly and hence more productive
Can lose market share to various new entrants in the hair dye segment from rivals like L’Oreal, henkel, Revlon e