Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Modern SEO Strategy that will help you track organic traffic performance

The Modern SEO Strategy for Digital Business                         

1. Know your page segments

Lets say you are a IT Services Company & you have services like:

Network Services, Managed Services, Business Continuity Services, Data centre services, technical Support services & so on. So segments are like categorization under which you will have a list of page for services/ offering/ solutions


While we tag these pages as per BU which gets no 1, Segments which gets no 2, Product which gets no 3 & offering which gets no 4 which is simplest way of tagging via tag management tool

a.       After doing this it's time to look at the traffic inflow metrics via web analytics tool like google analytics, adobe analytics & so on

b.       Try to look at the Earned visitor’s data as that is majorly your organic visit data & decide which page to start doing SEO which really needs to come on search to help visitors start their buyers journey 


2. Once you have done that follow the below steps

      Once all above steps are done & your SEO tool Covario/ Bright edge/ Alexa / Kiss Metrics will give you insights like
Page : www.xxx.com//xxx/xx-zxx/xxxx/security-services 

Page performance on targeted keywords


Complete page onpage recommendations vs Competitors analysis vs top performing keywords 


 Hence by doing these above Steps you can really automate your SEO process & will be easier for you guys to show case to the management on a regular basis page performance in Search console & its progression


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